Willa Granger

Hermione: "Willa get out of here!"

Willa: "I'm not going anywhere!"

Hermione: "Are you that desperate to avenge Cedric that you're willing to die!"

Willa: "This isn't about him...even if it is, Cedric didn't flee when he was faced to face with Voldemort and neither will I!" Willa arguing with Hermione about her sister wanting to escape.

Biographical Information

Born: September 19, 1979

Blood Status: Muggle-Born

Status: Alive

Maritial status: Married

Also known as: Will (by all of her friends) Little Mudblood (by Draco Malfoy) Willy (By Rose Snape and Fred and George Weasly).

Pet: Truffle (Cat 👼) Freddy (Pygmy Puff)

Physical Information

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5

Hair color: Brown with red streaks

Eye color: Brown

Skin color: Light


Hermione Granger (Twin)

Mr. Granger (Father)

Mrs. Granger (Mother)

Rose Snape (Half sister in-law)

George Weasly (Half brother in-law)

Ron Weasley (Brother in-law)

Cedric Diggory (Ex boyfriend 👼)

Fred Weasley (Ex boyfriend 👼)

Harry Potter (Husband)

Lily Potter ( Mother in-law 👼)

James Potter (Father in-law 👼)

Lilly James Potter (Daughter)

Cedric Lupin Potter (Son)

Rose Weasley (Niece)

Hugo Weasley (Nephew)

Fredrick Albert Weasley (Half-Nephew)

Lucy Abigale Weasley (Half-Niece)

Ciel Thomas Weasley (Half-Nephew)

Magical Information

Boggart: Snake

Wand: 10 3/4", birch wood, phoenix feather core

Patronus: Swan




Granger family

Weasly family

Diggory family

Potter Family

Dumbledore's Army

Order Of The Phoenix

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry



Willa Van Granger is the twin sister of Hermione Jean Granger, she cares deeply for her sister and turns to her when she is in need of help. She was in a relationship with Cedric Diggory, but due to his death their relationship was broken.

Her best friends are Zoe Blain. Sky Wood, Rose Snape, Ginny Weasley and the Weasley twins.

In her first year she was sorted into Gryffindor her first year where she befriended the Weasley twins and Cedric Diggory and Rose Snape.

In her second year she was a victim of the basilisk in her second year and was petrified like her sister.

In her third year she got closer to Cedric where he confessed that he liked her and asked her if she had any feelings for him she didn't respond, at the train station at the end of the year she found Cedric and kissed him.

In her fourth year she attended the Quidditch World Cup with her sister and the others. She also went to the Yule Ball with Cedric. In the second task she was Cedric's treasure that he had to save. The third task came and that was the day Willa lost him, her last words to him were "I love you..."

Her fifth year came and she attempted suicide and was saved by Hermione, she was taken to headquarters with her sister, she also started a relationship with Fred, she joined Dumbledore's Army, she got a ring that let her see the dead which she used to see Cedric again. Willa went with Harry to rescue Sirius but called it a fail because of Sirius's death.

In Willa's sixth year she attended Rose and George's wedding and was actually Rose's bridesmaid. She wasn't the best at potions that year. She comforted Hermione whenever she saw Ron with Lavender Brown. She still saw Cedric but he believed it was causing her pain and told her to never wear the ring again and to destroy it, she told him she would but as she was about to destroy it she couldn't so she just hid it. She decided that it would be better if her and Fred broke up until this whole thing with Voldemort dies down. Willa and Harry get closer and while hiding the half blood prince's book she kisses Harry so he won't be tempted to find it. She attends Dumbledore's funeral heartbroken.

In her seventh year she was part of the battle where everyone disguised as Harry and went with Rose, she was hit with a curse casted by Belatrix and almost bled to death, but was saved by Rose. She attended Bill and Fleur's wedding, and escaped during the attack. While in disguise she was chased by snatchers but found Harry, Ron and Hermione. While wearing the locket she attacked Ron, Willa was sent back to the burrow by her sister. A month later she was taken hostage by Death Eaters along with Fred and a very pregnant Rose. After arriving to Malfoy manor against her will, Willa sees that while apparating Fred got splinched and she begged them to let her help him. After Rose is almost hit with a curse that could have hurt her baby, Willa shouts a lie saying how she knew more then Rose did, she was tortured by Belatrix. After Dobby is killed Willa helps Harry burry him.

Willa helps fight in the battle of Hogwarts, she helps inside and heals those that are slowly dying that she can get to in time with her potion. She's devestated after seeing Fred's body. Harry makes Hermione promise that she won't tell Willa about him going to die. She witnesses Rose defeating Belatrix and takes her to the room of requirement once she realizes that Rose was going into labor, she went to get the doctor. Once the battle is over she rests her head on Hermione's lap and sleeps.

After the battle she married Harry and had twins Lilly and Cedric.

Her favorite colors are blue, red and purple so she's mostly seen wearing those colors when she's not wearing her school uniform, she also wears a necklace of a silver stone with gold around it that hangs on a black string that Cedric gave her, when she is fifteen she wears a ring that as long as she's wearing it she can see the dead. At age seventeen she wears around her waist a leather pouch that hooks around a belt that has a potion inside that will save someone's life if even if they are one second from death.

First year

"Wise...noble, okay...Gryffindor!" Willa being sorted into Gryffindor.


Willa in The Sorcerer's Stone

Willa was sorted into Gryffindor her first year of Hogwarts and was happy to be in the same house as her sister.
Willa sorted into Gryffindor

Willa being sorted into Gryffindor in her first year

The day after arriving to Hogwarts she met Cedric Diggory, Rose Snape, Fred and George, she always admired her sister's smartness wishing she was just as smart. She was a little afraid of Professor Snape (she found him a little dark).

During class with Professor Flitwick she watched as her sister sucessfully raised her feather in the air, something she and other students couldn't do.


Willa admiring her sister

While talking to Rose she overhears Ron calling her sister "a nightmare" it provoked her after Hermione left in sadness Willa slapped Ron for upsetting Hermione and ran to her sister, she stayed with her in the girls bathroom until dinnertime.

Harry and Ron were going to the dormitories until they remembered that Hermione and Willa didn't know about the troll and that they were possibly in danger.

She stayed with her sister when the troll walked in, and she hid, barely escaping alive.

She watched the Quidditch match of Slytherin VS Gryffindor, and cheered as her house won. Willa was cautious of her actions after Harry, Ron and Hermione got Gryfindor in trouble.

Gryffindor wins the house cup and she celebrates with her house, she hugs Hermione and everyone else and also jumps into Fred's arms happily.

Second Year

Rose: "Before I found her she was running to the bathroom crying

Hermione: *crying a little* "Why?"

Rose: "Because... *sighs* "Because Draco called her a mudblood..."

Rose describing to Hermione what happened before she found Willa in the bathroom


Willa in The Chamber Of Secrets

In her second year Willa took more interest in potions then she did her first year, she grew a close friendship with Ginny Weasly, but mostly spent her time with Hermione, Rose, Fred, George and Cedric again.

Unlike her sister, she wasn't obsessed with Gilderoy Lockhart, she finds him "too perfect" and also dubfounded for releasing the pixies from their cage, she hid under her desk until it was over. Willa was present when Draco calls Hermione "You filthy little mudblood", she was ready to curse him but Cedric stopped her so she wouldn't get in trouble.

The next day was Willa's birthday and Cedric gives her a necklace that's a silver stone with gold around it, she hugs him and thanks him for it.

She helped Hermione make the Pollyjuice potion, when Cedric asked her why she kept leaving, she told him that her siser, Harry and Ron think that Malfoy is the heir of Slytherin, and they need to the Pollyjuice potion to know for sure, she tells him not to tell anyone and he promises not to.
Willa making pollyjuice

Willa helping make the Pollyjuice potion

Willa attends the dueling club and stands next to Fred when Snape sends Lockhart flying she starts laughing which Fred follows. However when Harry and Draco duel she got a little more anxious, Malfoy fired the snake and she gripped Fred's sleeve, because of how snakes terrify her, she heard Harry speak to it and was quite shocked.

Willa runs into Draco and he rudely tells her to watch where she's going, she apologizes to him. When he doesn't exept her apology she encounters him asking him what his problem is, he says it's because he doesn't talk to people like her when she asks him what he meant, he then walks up to her and says "You must be dumber then you think, you little mudblood".

She ran away from Draco crying ended up running into Rose she then asks her what's wrong, she tells her about how she ran into Drao and explained how Draco called her a mudblood and broke into tears. Rose hugs her telling her it'll be okay, she then runs to the bathroom crying. After a few hours she walks to the sink to splash water in her face to calm her down, but never came out of the bathroom.

Willa crying after draco calls her a mudblood

Willa crying after being called mudblood

Later Rose went into the bathroom to check on Willa, but couldn't find her as she was about to leave she tripped over something, when she looked down she saw it was Willa.

She ran to Mcgonagall and told her what she found, she took her to the bathroom and they took Willa to the Hospital Wing.

Rose then ran and found Hermione saying that she needed to see something, when she brought her to the hospital wing she revealed to Hermione that Willa has been petrified.


Hermione sees a petrified Willa

Willa is mentioned by Harry while he's talking to Ron about the basilisk saying how she was found by the sink so she must have seen it's reflection through the bathroom mirror.

Before everyone left after dinner Willa walked in and her and Hermione were reunited.

Willa hermione reunited

Willa and Hermione finally reunited

Third year

 Willa:  "What a dirty rat..." Willa about Peter Pettigrew after hearing about him selling James and Lily Potter to Voldemort.

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Willa in The Prisoner Of Azkaban


Willa holding her cat

Willa holding Truffle

When Willa turned thirteen she got a bracelet from Hermione, and a brown cat with blue eyes from her mom and dad that she named Truffle (after her favorite chocolate).

She took Truffle with her to Hogwarts and introduced her to Cedric (they sat by each other on the train) her and Cedric talked about what there year is going to be like at Hogwarts, saying how they have a new defense against the dark arts teacher, they had a moment when they shared a pumpkin pastie after the train stopped she wondered if they were at Hogwarts but looked out the window and saw that they weren't there, as everything was freezing she grabbed Cedric's hand in fear.

The dementor came by and she stared at it hoping it wouldn't attack her.

Dementor attack

Willa stares at a dementor

When it left Cedric asked her if she was okay Willa's response was "That was felt like, I'd never be happy again" After arriving at Hogwarts she sat by Hermione and listened to Professor Dumbledore's speech.

During Defense Against The Dark Arts class with Professor Lupin, Willa asked him if he's actually going to  teach them how to defend themselves, much to Lupin's amusement, after everyone saw their boggart turn into what they fear most, Willa's boggart turned into a snake, after staring at it in fear she turned it into a jumping slinky, which all the students thought was humerous.

The next day she was walking and talking with Cedric when she noticed the dementors outside of Hogwarts, she asks him what Dementors are and why they are at Hogwarts, he explains to her they they are the guards of Askaban and that they are probably looking for the so called killer Sirius Black. Cedric tells her not to do anything dangerous so dementors won't hurt her.

After Harry was attacked by Dementors during quidditch Willa visited him with the rest of Gryffindor in the hospital wing.

Willa and Cedric visited Hogsmaed together where he confessed that he liked Willa, and wanted to know if she had any feelings towards him, Willa was speechless and took off.
Willa talking to Cedric

Willa listens to Cedric's confession

She was walking outside where Cedric saw her and smiled at her and she just walked away from him not knowing what to say to him.

She saw the executor who would kill buckbeak and wondered what was going on.


Willa sees the executioner

Hermione saw her and said that she shouldn't be out today when she asked what was going on she told Willa how Buckbeak was going to be killed.

She ran out crying heart broken Cedric followed her asking her what was wrong but she didn't respond and ignored him. While running she ran into Fred then told him what was going to happen and he hugged her letting her cry on his shoulder.

Her and Fred got closer and closer everyday and after Harry recieved the fire bolt she stood next to Fred and watched Harry fly away.

Willa watches Harry fly away

At the end of the year she sat by Fred on the Hogwarts express, and told him about how she has been treating Cedric and how guilty she feels for ignoring him. He tells her if she feels something for Cedric that she needs to let him know and that ignoring him isn't the answer. 

Before leaving to go to her parents with Hermione she sees Cedric, at first she walked with Hermione but then stopped in her tracks and ran to Cedric, apologized for not talking to him and kissed him, starting their relationship.

Fourth year.

"Seeing Cedric like that...I could hardly bare it!" Willa tearfully to Hermione about seeing Cedric's body.


Willa in The Goblet Of Fire

Willa decided to surprise Cedric for his seventeenth birthday, after his birthday Willa said goodbye to him and that she would see him at Hogwarts. Willa and Hermione were invited to see the quidditch world cup with the Weasly family, with their parents' permission they went with the Weasly's, once they arrived Willa saw Cedric jump out of the tree and was happy to see him again. She walked with Cedric holding hands where she saw the portkey and was a little confused until Cedric explained that it transports them anywhere, Willa joked and asked if it was fun and Cedric responded "Buckle up".

Willa and Cedric reunited

"Better buckle up"

While traveling by the portkey she felt sick and freaked out after Hermione and the others let go and thought they fell, Cedric tells her to let go of the portkey, she lets go of the portkey but remains to hold her grip on Cedric's hand and lands with him, she leaves for the tent with the Weasly's while Cedric leaves with his father. Willa stood next to her sister wearing a green and white scarf that matched Hermione's and cheered for the Irish, she also had green stripes under her eyes and IRISH painted on her forehead.
Quidditch world cup

Willa at the Quidditch World Cup

After the game was over Willa, Harry, Hermion, Ginny and Fred and George were teasing Ron about how he felt about Viktor Krum after saying "he's an artist" Willa laughed at the humerous jokes that the boys were throwing at Ron until Aruthur Weasly came telling them that they have to leave, when they exited the tent they found out that they were under attack, Willa without thinking left the group as they were running to find Cedric.

While looking for Cedric she is knocked unconscious by a death eater, about thirty minutes later she wakes up in Cedric's arms and sees that the camp has been burnt down and that the dark mark is in the sky, she holds onto Cedric in fear and asked Cedric if that was Voldemort's mark, he nodded his head and wrapped his arms around her, Arthur, Fred, George, Harry, Ron and Hermione later on found them where Hermione scolded her for leaving while they were in danger. She apologizes saying she was worried about Cedric, Hermione quickly hugs her saying how she scared her to death.

They went back to the Burrow where the next day they would leave for Hogwarts. After arriving to Hogwarts she and Cedric watched the students from beauxbaons and Durmstrang arrive.

At dinner Willa heard that Hogwarts was having the triwizard tournament, but was dissapointed when she found out no student under the age of 17 could participate, Cedric told her that he was thinking about putting his name in the goblet of fire, Willa told him that if he was chosen that he would win for sure.

The nex day during Deffense Against The Dark Arts they were taught about the three unforgivable curses, Willa questioned why they were being taught about those curses, and each one terrified her more everytime, espicially the last one (the killing curse).

That night was the choosing of the Triwizad champions, when Dumbledore announced that the Hogwarts champion was Cedric Diggory she cheered and smiled at him. Willa was quite shocked when Harry's name shot out of the goblet of fire, but didn't bother Harry like everybody else did.

The first task came (dragons) and Willa came into the tent to wish Cedric good luck, but when she opened the tent she didn't see Cedric.

When she asked Harry where he was he responded that he was probably preparing for the task and said she might be able to come in, when she entered she tripped and fell into his arms and Rita Skeeter took a picture saying "How sweet!" Harry ran and Willa looked embarassed.

She found Cedric and ran into his arms, he asked her what she was doing there and said that she had to make sure he was doing okay, she gave him a hug, kissed him and then said "I love you...good luck. " and left.

Cedric suceeded in getting his egg, which Willa cheered for him.

Willa watches Cedric win the first task

Willa cheering for Cedric

The next day the daily prophet had a "story" about Harry being in love with Hermione, but also had a scoop of Harry "going both ways" with Hermione's sister. While reading the prophet Willa saw the article and freaked out. When Cho asked her what was wrong she showed her the article and handed it to her then said she had to find Cedric before he saw it.

But Cedric already saw it and walked up to Harry saying how he's not normally "the jealous type" and that he appreciates Harry helping him by warning him with the dragons but then glared at Harry saying "Just stay away from Willa..."

Cedric asked Willa if she would like to go to the Yule Ball with him and she said yes.

Fred attempted to ask Willa to the ball by throwing her a piece of parchment that said "Will you go to the ball with me?"

Fred asks Willa to the ball

Fred asks Willa to the ball

Even though she didn't want to because she knew it would hurt him WIilla had to turn him down, she wrote on the back of the note "I would but I'm going with Cedric..." She handed the note back to Fred then whispered "Sorry" He gave her a look of "Don't worry about it". 

A few days before the ball without a date Ron asked her to the ball but she had to turn him down too. Before Ron left she told him "I do know that Fleur Delacour doesn't have a date".

The day of the ball arrived and Willa came downstiars a few minutes before Hermione, in a dress that matched Hermione's but blue.
Willa arriving at the Yule Ball

Willa smiling at Cedric before the Yule Ball

Cedric smiled at her saying he's never seen someone more beautiful , she takes Cedric's arm and they both go to the ball together.
Willa goes to the ball Cedric

Willa and Cedric arrive at the ball together

After finding out that the champions and their partners are the first to dance Willa wasn't quite sure how to feel about dancing infront of a large crowd, Cedric told her that if she gets scared to just look at him and don't worry about the crowd.

Willa and Cedric dancing

She and Cedric danced the night away, after witnessing the fight between Ron and Hermione and seeing her sister crying, she convinced Hermione to go back and have fun, which she did.

What Willa didn't tell Hermione was after Hermione went inside she went to confront Ron about how he hurt Hermione, she asked him if he hates seeing her with Viktor Krum why he didn't ask Hermione to the ball himself, Ron had no answer and she left to go back to the ballroom.

Cedric could tell she was irritated and asked her what was wrong, she told him about everything Ron was doing and how it was hurting Hermione, he told her that everything would be alright then took her onto the dancefloor. While dancing Cedric asks Willa what  has he done to deserve such a beautiful girl, Willa responds that Cedric deserves happiness, the two shared a kiss and Willa said she wished the perfect night wouldn't end.

For the second task the triwizard champion has an hour to save a treasure that was taken by merpeople to the bottom of the lake, due to her relationship with Cedric, Willa was chosen as the hostage that Cedric had to save and was put under an enchanting sleep for an hour, one of Willa's worse fears is drowning; Cedric then promised to save her, Willa nodded her head and once again, hugged and kissed him then said "I love you...good luck".

Willa as part of the second task

Willa in the second task

Willa was trapped in the lake to be saved by Cedric along with Ron who is Harry Potter's treasure, Gabrielle, who is Fleur Delacour's treasure and Hermione who was Viktor Krum's treasure. Cedric uses his wand to free Willa and takes her up to the surface.

Willa worries about where Hermione is, Cedric says that he thinks they're the first ones up and that he's sure Viktor will find her. She sees Hermione with Viktor and reaches her hand out to pull her out of the lake. Dumbldore announced that the winner of the second task was Cedric, Willa excitedly jumped into his arms hugging him saying he did it, then Cedric says he couldn't have done it without her help.

Cedric Diggory saving Willa Granger as part of the second task

Willa saved by Cedric

The third and final task came and before Cedric went into the maze, Willa ran up and gave him one final hug and kiss saying "I love you..." then Cedric went into the maze. When Harry came back everyone was cheering, Willa cheered along expecting it to be Cedric, she then hear Fleur scream and Cedric's father crying, Willa starts getting worried and ran down.

Rose put her arms around Willa trying to stop her but she didn't succeed. After seeing Cedric's body she fell to her knees screaming, Hermione got on her knees and comforted her, Willa wrapped her arms around Cedric's dead body and cried she also refused to leave Cedric that night. Fred got on his knees stayed by Willa stroking her hair.

Willa on Cedric's dead body

Willa with her arms wrapped around Cedric's body

The next day she attended Cedric's funeral and held the necklace that he gave her tightly as she believed it was the only thing she had left of him.


Willa at Cedric's funeral

After Cedric's funeral his father came to Willa and gave her a photobook that was full of pictures of her her and Cedric, he told her that whenever Cedric was around her he noticed a change in him, he was always smiling.

Willa went to the lake and flipped through the pages of a book and was followed by Fred and asked if he could talk to her.

When she followed Fred where he finally confessed while she was awake that he liked her, and he was the one that left the rose by her bed when she was in the hospital wing.

Willa sat with Harry, Ron and Hermione that day on the train she grew a close friendship with Harry and Ron like her sister.

Fifth Year

Hermione: So it looks like you've gotten over Cedric...

Willa: What's that supposed to mean?

Hermione: Well aren't you dating Fred now?

Willa: Well that's really none of your business....

Willa in her fith year

Willa's Fith Year

In her fifth year Willa joined Dumbledore's army so she could fight against Voldemort and avenge Cedric, she also started a relationship with Fred Weasly.

After Cedric's death Willa attempted to kill herself by slitting her wrist, Hermione later found her on the ground and just barely saved her (but she did save her).
Willa's suicide attempt

Hermione finds Willa on the ground with a bleeding wrist

Willa and Hermione were taken to Headquarters where they met up with the Weasly's.

Fred noticed her scar on her wrist and asked her what happened, she told him what happened and told her that she did it cause she wanted to be with Cedric again, he pulled her into a hug and as she cried he comforted her.

Willa and Fred got closer and soon decided to get together despite their two year difference.

Willa talked to Fred about how it was his last year and asked him what he was going to do after he finished school and he told her about Weasley Wizard Wheezes, his and George's joke shop that they want to open, she told him that she thinks that would be great and gave him a kiss. Harry came to headquarters and she was happy to see her friend.

They all listened in on the conversation that was going on in the order, Harry looked over and saw Fred and Willa were holding hands.


Harry sees Willa and Fred together

She watched happily as Harry was reunited with Sirius, and also laughed at Tonks whenever she transformed. When arriving to Hogwarts she kenw right away that she wasn't going to like Professor Umbridge.

During Defense Against The Dark arts (which wasn't really the class knowing Umbridge) she heard Umbridge and Harry arguing about Voldemort's return being "A lie" and then they mentioned Cedric which Umbridge mentions his death to be a "tragic accident" Willa sat crying as Harry tried to convince Umbridge that he wasn't lying.


Willa listening to Umbridge

Fred came to her room later and asked her if she was okay, she shook her head and he hugged her again.

Despite the fact that she was dating Fred Willa missed Cedric very much and wanted to see him again, she bought a ring from a shop that would allow her to see the dead, but when she slipped on the ring she noticed that Cedric was not there.

While talking to Hermione about how Umbridge's view on Cedric's death was insulting to her, Hermione asked Willa about her relationship with Fred which Willa responded that it wasn't any of Hermione's business and just that he makes her happy.

Willa sat in the common room and Cedric appeared by Willa without her realizing. 

Cedric's ghost appearing to Willa

Cedric appears to Willa as a ghost

Willa went with Fred and George to the meeting of Dumbledore's army where she decided to join it to avenge Cedric's death.


Willa, Fred and George at the D.A. army

While practicing Stunning spells Willa partnered up with Fred, where she shot him across the room, after getting up he says. "I let you do that" Which Willa responds "Oh yeah sure..." .

Willa and Fred partner up

Fred: I let you do that Willa: Oh yeah sure...

That night Cedric came to her again and called her name, she screamed and shot awake and shot up out of bed pulling out her wand and pointing it at Cedric.

Cedric gently told her to lower her wand Willa however was very cautious and kept her want in hand, Willa asks how he's here which Cedric confusingly asks "You can see me, can you hear me?" She asks him what he's talking about which he responds "Willa, you can see me..but can you hear me?" She nods her head saying that she can see him, he then walked up to her stringing his fingers through her hair then asks if she felt his touch she tearfully nods her head yes then hugs him. 

Willa hugging Cedric

Willa hugging Cedric's ghost

He holds her charm on her necklace and is surprised that she still had it even after his death, her friend Sky came in and asked who she was talking to, Willa was going to say Cedric but he was gone, so she said "no one".

Fred told Willa that he had to leave due to his father being attacked at the ministry, Willa then says she'll go with him and hugged him.

Willa spent Christmas with the Weasley's so she could support Fred if he needed it, which he did a lot of times.

After Christmas Dumbledore's army practices the patronus charm which Willa makes a full body patronus, but the happy moment is ruined after being caught by Umbridge.

Willa's patronus

Willa conjures a full body patronus

While Umbridge was teaching and also tourtering her students Willa was talking to Cedric's ghost and saying how it felt good to see him again, but how she felt bad that she was seeing him while dating Fred, Cedric then says that it's best if she lets him go she then says she can't and kisses him, Hermione then catches her and scolds her for it, and Willa asks if Hermione would tell Fred and she shakes her head no, when she asks why she ends "Because if anyone tells him, it should be you". After getting her lecture from Hermione she sits on the stairs crying, Fred then comes to her asking her if she's okay when she shakes her head and he sits by her and then she tells him about the ring that lets her see Cedric, Fred understood why she did cause she loved Cedric first and missed him. Willa grabbed his hand and then confessed how he said she should let him go but she couldn't, Fred said he understood again but Willa irritatingly inturrepted him saying how she kissed Cedric's ghost. She broke into tears and Fred said he still loved her no matter what.
Fred comforts Willa

Fred comforting Willa

She asks him "What did I ever do to deserve someone so amazing..." He then says how he thinks she deserves happiness the same thing she told Cedric. 

Fred tells her about his plan to leave Hogwarts with his brother and to open there joke shop together. Fred then gives Willa a rose that she puts in her hair then she bids Fred farewell and watches him leave along with his brother.

Willa is taken to Umbridge's office by a Slytherin who was on the Professor's side she was trying to help the others escape which failed, Hermione had no idea her sister was taken until she was brought in and based on her face she suffered a beating.

"Hermione..." She whimpered  Umbridge decided to attempt Crucio she attempted to stop her "Professor you do that and there will be nothing but a pit of dementors waiting for you!" Though she didn't care about Umbridge, and was just trying to protect Harry of course.


Willa taken into Umbridge's office

After escaping she goes to london with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Zoe, Neville, Daniel, Susan, Elladora, Tyler and Candace when they arrive they are confronted by Lucius Malfoy which she overhears Susan whisper "Uncle Lucius...".

While running from Death Eaters Willa is struck by the Cruciatous curse which was shot by Belatrix, Zoe saves her though she did not stop Belatrix.

After Candace used Reducto and all the prophecies came falling down shen ran with the others then busted the door open with Bombarda which was her strongest spell, while falling Hermione used a spell to stop them from falling to there death.

After safely landing Harry tells everyone to get behind him which some of them do and the rest stand by him to protect him.

soon they are attacked. Once the death eaters clear it is revealed that everyone has been taken including Willa.

Willa taken

Willa taken hostage by a death eater

They are saved by the order who are also joined by Rose and Fred and George where Fred saves Willa.

Willa witnesses the death of Sirius Black which upsets her because she knows how much Harry loved him, she wraps her arms around Fred and cries on his shoulder.

She also watches Harry fight off Voldemort and is stunned to see him officially knowing he was the one responsible for Cedric's death.

Sixth Year

"We need to hide it somewhere no one will find you trust me....then take my hand" Willa to Harry as they are about to hide the Half Blood Prince's book.

Willa harry potter and the half blood prince

Willa in her sixth year

In her sixth year Willa attended Rose and George Weasley's wedding, she also ended up losing her cat but Fred gives her a pygmy puff that she named Freddy, she ended up being Voldemort's link to Harry because of how Harry feels about her, she also ended her relationship with Fred, she became a member of Slughorn's club, she also kept seeing Cedric's ghost at the end of the year she attended Albvs Dumbledore's funeral which really upsetted her, she also started a relationhsip with Harry Potter.

While at home with Hermione they received mail from Rose and George, when Willa opened the letter, it was an invitation to Rose and George's wedding. Hermione and Willa were given permission to go, Rose also made Willa her bridesmaid.

When Willa woke up the day of the wedding she found a box by her bed with a note on it when she opened it a gold bracelet was inside
Fred gives Willa a bracelet

Willa's bracelet from Fred


When she took the note she discovered the bracelet was from Fred.

Fred's note

Willa holding the note from Fred that went with the bracelet

Willa was a bridesmaid at Rose's wedding.

Fred saw her trying to put on a neklace when he helped her he said she had soft skin which made Willa laugh.

Willa's bridesmade attire was a long dark green dress, a flower necklace, pearl earrings and a flower crown on her head.


Willa's bridesmaid dress

After the wedding she found Fred where he said he's glad that she likes her present.

She holds out her hand and said "I believe I'm supposed to save you a dance" Which Fred smiles and takes her hand and they dance.

Willa-and-fred-dancing-at Rose and George's wedding

Willa and Fred dance at Rose and George's wedding

After Rose threw her bouquet Willa was surprised when it landed in her hand, she looked at Fred and he smiled.

That night while asleep she had a nightmare but was woken up by Fred after he heard her scream in her sleep, Fred held her in his arms and noticed how shaky she was.