This is a page people are welcome to add to. Similarly to what you can find at the Harry Potter wikia, I wanted for a page to make it easier to keep track of characters. If you would like to add names to the list for your ocs which were sorted in the 1970s please add a 'Heading 2' with your username and underneath use a 'Heading 3' to indicate the exact year. Please do not keep adding canon characters which J.K. herself have already stated to be sorted during this period.


Sorted on the 1st of September 1971

  • Athene M. Crowley
  • Eoforhild Urquart
  • Millie Bones
  • Hilda Parkinson
  • Virgil Hopkins
  • Atreus Carrow
  • Stacy Addams
  • Samantha Dane
  • Fiona Lachryme
  • Edmund Goyle
  • Oliver Preston
  • Silvia Greengrass
  • Lucretia Maddock
  • Elouise Maddison
  • Zaliki Ulunani
  • Norman Weston
  • Lucas Hadley
  • Nyle Howard
  • Holden Ledbury
  • Ixion 
  • Meliadas Deadworth
  • Ambrose Carrow
  • Chen Chang
  • Alfred Jekins
  • Xavier Belbi
  • Avalon Hornby
  • Helena Bulstrode
  • Keith Blancé
  • Isolde Jenkins
  • Isadora Sherwood
  • Nancy Smith
  • Hesperia Nott 

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