"A disgrace to Slytherin? Perhaps you forgot my father was head of the house" Rose to Lucius Malfoy



Biographical Information

Born: October 31, 1976

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Status: Alive: Maritial Status: Married

Also Known as: Reckless child (By Severus Snape) Daddy's girl (by other Slytherins) The daughter of Snape (by Hermione Granger), Beautiful (by George Weasly), My sister (by Harry Potter)

Pet: Lightning (Albino bat) 

Physical Information

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9

Hair color: Raven black

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Light

Family Information

Sevurus Snape (Father 👼)

Lilly Potter (Mother 👼)

Harry Potter (Half- brother)

George Weasly (Husband)

Fred Weasley (Brother in-law 👼)

Arthur Weasley (Father in-law)

Molly Weasley (Mother in-law)

William Weasley (Brother in-law)

Fleur Weasley (sister in-law)

Charlie Weasley (Brother in-law)

Percy Weasley (Brother in-law)

Ginny Weasley (Sister in-law)

Fredrick Albert Weasley (Son)

Lucy Abigail Weasley (Daughter)

Ciel Thomas Weasley (Son)

Willa Granger (Sister in-law)

Hermione Granger (Sister in-law)

Magical Information

Boggart: Bellatrix Lestrange

Wand: 11", Willow, Dragon heartstring core

Patronus: Doe




Snape Family

Potter Family

Dumbledore's Army

Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry


Rose Alice Weasley (n'ee Snape) is the daughter of Severus Snape and Lilly Potter before she married James Potter, and half-sister of Harry Potter, she married George Weasly after he and his brother Fred left Hogwarts she is best friends with Willa Granger because like the twins Willa never abandoned her. She has a deep hatred for Belatrix Lestrange for trying to kill her when she was young. She helped run Weasley's Wizard Wheezes with Fred and George and took over with George after the battle of Hogwarts, Rose becomes pregnant with George's child during the battle of Hogwarts after the battle she gave birth to their first son Fredrick, then had their daughter Lucy, then their youngest son Ciel. It is unknown what happened to Rose in her first two years.

In her third year she first met George and already grew a crush on him.

Her fourth year she met her half brother Harry Potter and discovered her connection to him and became really protective of him.

Her sixth year she was reunited with her godfather, managed to control her animagus form and discovered the truth about Sirius Black, she also started a relationship with George.

In her seventh year she was a teacher's assistant and also watched over and protected Harry as he was doing the tri wizard tournament.

She stayed at Hogwarts so she'd see her father more and also secretly taught real defense against the dark arts lessons, though she lost her job and George then proposed to her.

When she turned 19 she married George and then discovered that she was pregnant with his child.

She helped in the battle of Hogwarts taking Willa who was disguised as Harry, she was kidnapped and taken to Malfoy Manor, Harry, Ron and Hermione saved her along with Willa and Fred.

Rose participates in the battle of Hogwarts even though she was asked to stay at the burrow, she was taken by Bellatrix and threatened that she'd be killed if Harry didn't come to the dark forest. Rose witnessed the death of her brother. Sometime during the second part of the battle she ended up giving birth to her first child.

Sometime after the battle she had two more children her daughter Lucy Abigale Weasley, and then her other son Ciel Thomas Weasley.

Fourth year

"So you are Harry Potter? The boy who lived....that's the title right?" Rose meeting Harry.

Rose-fifth year

Rose's fourth year

In her fourth year, Rose met her half-brother Harry Potter without even knowing about the relation she had to him, she and George got closer every single minute, she grew a good friendship with Willa Granger and a deep hatred for Draco Malfoy.

Rose had heard that the "legendary Harry Potter" was arriving to Hogwarts and that there would be some new faces in Slytherin (those who she did not like).

During her father's potions class she saw how he treated Harry even saying how "fame isn't everything", after potions she walked up to Harry introducing herself to Harry and apologizing for her fathers mood "It's normal for him..." She then looked into Harry's eyes and noticed they matched her eyes. After talking to Harry she looked into the mirror in the bathroom trying to compare her eyes to Harry's.

The nex day she went to Snape wanting to talk to him, after he asked her what is wrong she responded, "Our eyes match...mine and Harry Potter's, why do our eyes match?" Severus eventually answered her questions and revealed a big secret...Rose is Harry Potter's half-sister, Rose was shocked but surprised in a way, Snape then tells Rose that it's her job as Harry's older sister to keep him safe.

At Halloween after being alerted by Professor Quirrle about the troll in the dungeon she was told by her father to get to safety. She automatically became considered about Harry's safety when he and Ron went to save Hermione.

During quiditch she watched as Harry was helplessly hanging on for dear life onto his broomstick. "That stick has a life of it's own!" She exclaimed panickly she then saw Snape attempt a counter curse to save Harry, when Snape's cloak caught fire she freaked out believing that Snape wouldn't be ble to save Harry, but then noticed that Harry was getting back on his broom and that he was safe.

At the end of the year Gryffindor won the house cup and unlike the rest of Slytherin she cheered for Gryffindor becuase of it being the house Harry is in.

Sixth Year

Rose sixth year

Rose in her sixth year

"We may not be blood, but we are family!" Rose regarding her connection to Remus Lupin

In her sixth year Rose became a very important part of Harry's life and also was reunited with her godfather Remus Lupin, where she learned the truth about Sirius Black and that he was not a murderer, she also started her relationship with George Weasley.

While on the train to school she sits by George where he shows her their trip to Egypt where Rose was impressed, the train stopped and Fred and George asked her what happened, she shrugged her shoulders not knowing what to do then the dementor showed up nd for the first time Rose saw fear in Fred and George but the dementor didn't attack them.

Rose did not appreciate Draco and his buddies bullying her brother about him fainting on the train.

She admired Buckbeak and the way her brother was so good with a creature he's just heard of, but knew things weren't gona end well when Buckbeak "attacked" Draco, Rose loved Lupin's deffense against the dark arts class, while the boggarts turn into what everyone feared the most hers turned into, exactly what she knew it would become, Belatrix Lestrange after fearfully staring at her after casting the spell Belatrix's hair turned into rope and wrapped all around her and though no one (except Neville of course) knew who she was they all laughed.

After the class she she turned to Lupin asking for help, it is discovered Rose is an animagus and she can't really control it, he asks her why him and she then asks why it's like he's avoiding her then Rose yells at him "We may not be blood, but we are family!" He then agrees to help her because she is his goddaughter.

Rose was in the forest minding her own business and is eventually snatched by Fred and George who confront her and say they have a question, they then show her the Murauders Map  and she asked them where they got that, which they answer "that's not important" Fred then opens it by saying "I solemly swear that I am up to no good" George then looks at her and says "If I remember correctly your name is Rose Snape" They then point to her name on the map then Fred asks "So why does it say on the map...Rose Potter?" Rose then explains her relationship with Harry to the twins.

Through the year Lupin taught her to control her transformation, that way she wouldn't helplessly turn into a fox, he also taught her how to conjure a patronus which matched her parents.

She got into a large argument with her father where after running off she ran into George after he was done with a long quidditch match, he asked her if she was okay, she shook her head no and he told her that if he needed anything that he would be there for her, she wrapped her arms around him and cried.


George comforting Rose

He then confessed to Rose that he had feelings for her and asks how she feels, after a few minutes of shock, Rose then says she has always had feelings for George, he then asks if she wanted to go out with him, she nods her head yes. A week later she goes on a date with George to see the Shreiking Shack which she says might be a good place to start a family then she freaks out saying if you move closer, making George turn as red as his hair. As they were walking away George tripped and crashed into Rose's lips kissing her for the first time.

They were embarresed and never spoke of it.

Since Lupin helped Rose learn to control her transformation she would stay with her godfather while he would transform regardless of how dangerous it is.

She knew about Sirius Black being Harry's godfather and knew Harry would go looking for him which concerned her.

After another fight with Snape she sat on the bench crying and George found her, he sat by her and she cried on his shoulder he told her that everything would be okay and then kissed her head. Their moment was ruined by Draco and his friends who ended up laughing, Rose then stands up and says "What the hell do you want?!" He then laughs more saying so you're with a weasel, saying how the Weasley's are a "desgrace to the wizarding world" angering Rose and upsetting George. She then glares at Draco who gave her a cruel grin, then to show him that she doesn't care what others think, Rose grabs George and kisses him. 

Rose managed to track down Harry after he was attacked by dementors while trying to save Sirius, she took Harry but also tried to convince the Minister Of Magic that Sirius wasn't dangerous even lying and saying that Sirius is the only family he has left lying about her being Harry's sister, after they took Sirius she also tried to convince Dumbledore to do something which Mcgonagal said it's only three Gryffindor Students, two proffessors and one Slytherin student against the entire Ministry.

At the end of the year after Lupin decided to resign she asked why and he said that he believed it was too dangerous for him to stay, Rose disagreed and yelled at him saying "You're not dangerous!" Then he said how having a werewolf in the school would be too dangerous Rose then said "I don't care! You might be a werewolf...but you're still my godfather..." He then walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder and says "And no matter where I am, or where you will will always be my goddaughter" They then hugged and bid each other farewell.

Rose decided she would visit Harry through the summer as well as the Weasley family so she'll see George who was now her boyfriend.

Seventh Year

"Someone set him up..father Harry is in danger! You can't expect me to just stand around and do nothing!" Rose to Snape about Harry's name being in The Goblet Of Fire

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire- Rose

Rose seventh year