Posie has dark brown hair that sits right under shoulders. Her hair is curly and usually unstyled so it appears messy. She has dark brown eyes with flecks of gold. Her skin is a warm shade of light brown filled with freckles. When she’s not in her school robes you can find her in earthy tones with lots of yellow (Hufflepuff pride) and usually in overalls.

Posie is very positive. She is the friend you would go to for advice to feel better. She tries to be nice to everybody but if someone is mean to the people she loves she’s not afraid to go off on them. Her laughter is contagious and tries to put everybody in a good mood. Lifes to short to not be happy.


Posie comes from a Werewolf named Elisa Thomas as her mother. Her mother’s family has lycanthropy running in their veins as the oldest werewolf family in Spain. Her father, Jonas Abarca is a wizard who is credited for convincing the Spanish king (with a bit of magic) to let the conquistadors explore South America. None of her parents went to Hogwarts as she is the first of her family not born in Spain.