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Name: Naomi Kingsley

hogwarts house: Slytherin

relative(s): Daphne Krun (4th cousin) Parker Kingsley (son) miska Kingsley (mother) Issac Kingsley (father)

Shontan kingsley (grandfather)

crush(s): Draco malfoy

Curse(s): green eyes that flash green whenever someone is attacking her,


She was a 11 year old girl that was invited to go to hogwarts school of wizardry and witchcraft, she was a perfect back on the day when the golden trio was around, she had a big crush on the malfoys son, Draco, her father did not like them, they thought they were fed on themselves, but no, she thinks that they care about others, since there the Most popular out of the pure bloods of wizard families, she's half-blooded, she's always a half blood, it's in the Family name, every Kingsley that comes to hogwarts has got to be a half blood.

Best friend(s): crabbe Goyle and Blaise, pansy Parkinson (formly)

Enemie(s): Ron Weasley and Hermione granger


H/C: dirty blonde hair, but it's more blonde than brown,

E/C: green

Personality: full of herself, stubborn, very self obsorbed, competitive, loves Making potions for her family and friends, Also she can be a bully at times, depends if she's depressed or just feels like picking at a certain person in her way,

Patronus: Eagle

Play quidditch: N/A

Smart?: Yes very smart,

Any favorite books: she does have a book about dementors, her aunt gave her that book in case A dementor DOES come to hogwarts, she has to bring the book with her to defend herself and be aware of her surroundings during dementor hour.

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