Born: March 27,1960

Blood-status: Pure-Blood

Status: Alive Maritial status: Married, Widowed (after Sirius died)

Also Known As: Ottie (by the Marauders) Ko (By James potter) Love (by Sirius Black)

Pet/s: Pygmy Puff, Owl and Ferret

Physical Information

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Height: Same as Lily Evans' Height

Hair Colour: Light Brown (Originally), Ginger (Dyed), Brown (Dyed)

Eye colour: Green (Right eye), Brown (Left eye)

Skin Colour: Light/Tan

Family Information

Henry Potter (Grandfather) †

Fleamont Potter (Father) †

Euphemia Potter (Mother) †

James Potter (Twin) †

Lily Potter (Nee Evans) (Sister in-law) †

Harry Potter (Nephew)

Lillian Potter-Weasley (Nee Potter) (Niece)

Ginvra Potter (Nee Weasley) (Niece in law)

Charlie Weasley (Nephew in-law)

Weasley Family

Potter Family

Albus Severus potter (Grandson)

James Sirius Potter II (Grandson)

Lily Luna Potter II (Granddaughter)

Black Family

Durley Family (In-laws)

Sirius Black (Husband) †

Brandon Black (Son)

Cho Black (Nee Chang) (Daughter in-law)

Skylar Black (Granddaughter)

Vince Black (Son)

Clover Black (Nee Skeeter)(Daughter in-law)

Hannah Black (Granddaughter)

Lisa Thomas (Nee Black) (Daughter)

Thomas Family

Lavender Thomas (Granddaughter)

Justin Thomas (Grandson)

Ernie Black (Grandson)

Jordan Finnigan (Nee Black) (Daughter)

Finnigan Family

Seamus Finnigan (Son-in-law)

Rowan Finnigan (granddaughter)

Tom Finnigan (Grandson)

Marcus Finnigan (Grandson)

Cedric Finnigan (Grandson)

Angelina Finnigan (Granddaughter)

Fleamont Family

Evans (in-Laws)

Potter-weasley Family

Magical Information

Boggart: Peter Pettigrew, Voldemort

Wand: Holly wood with unicorn Hair core

Animagus: Otter/Wolf (Unregistered)

Patronus: Irish Wolfhound




Potter Family

Fleamont Family

Evans Family

Finnigan Family

Thomas Family

Skeeter Family

Weasley Family

Black Family

Dursley Family

Potter-weasley Family

Lupin Family

Tonks Family

Lovegood Family

Scammander Family

Order of the Phoenix

Dumbledore's Army


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