Jeremy Macentosh

"You blame yourself for what your sick psychotic mother did to's not your fault, even if I lied to her saying that I would stay away from you she'd never believe me, so that's why I let her drive that bloody knife into my hand...besides I don't think I could say that" Jeremy to Iris

Biogaphical Information

Born: April 27, 1978

Blood Status: Muggle-Born

Status: Alive

Maritial Status: Married

Also Known as: Jere (by everyone) Mudblood (by Belatrix Lestrange after she slices it in his hand)

Pet: Snowy (Owl)

Physical Information

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Skin: Light


Mrs. Macentosh (mother šŸ‘¼)

Mr. Macentosh (father šŸ‘¼)

Justin Macentosh (triplet)

Nathan Macentosh (triplet šŸ‘¼)

Ryli Macentosh (sister šŸ‘¼)

Iris Lestrange (wife)

Willow Macentosh (Daughter)

William Lestrange (brother in-law)

Anna ThompsonĀ (sister in-law)

Olivia Macentosh (Niece)

Sophia Macentosh (Niece)

Magical Information

Boggart: Voldemort

Wand: 11", ash wood, unicorn tail hair core

Patronus: Lion




Hufflepuff house

Macetosh Family

Order Of The Phoenix

Dumbledore's Army


Jeremy is theĀ brother of Justin and Nathan and older brother of Rylie. JeremyĀ was sorted into Hufflpuff with his brothers and his sister

He joins Dumbledore's army along with his brothers and sister. He falls in love with Iris Lestrange, regardless of who her mother is, for he has always had a crush on her. Iris hadĀ to tell him that it was dangerous forĀ them to be together, he asks why and she admits it's because of his bloodline (with him being muggleborn her mother would never allow it)Ā Many death eaters attack his house and kills his parents, he believes they also killed his two brothers and sister. After being taken to Malfoy Manor, Iris confesses that she loves Jeremy after Belatrix tortured him with theĀ torture curse. SheĀ told Jeremy to stay away from her daughter and he admits how he can't do that which angered her and she tortures him while Iris is being forced to watch, he joins the battle of hogwarts with his two brothers,Ā onlyĀ one of his brothersĀ survive. After the battle he marries Iris and has a daughter Willow.

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