Eoforhild Urquart
Biographical information

8 February 1960

Blood status


Marital status


Also known as
  • Princess (by Athene and Hilda)


Physical information





5' 7"

Hair colour


Eye colour

Light Brown

Skin colour


Family information
Family members
Magical characteristics



9½" Acacia, unicorn hair




Slytherin ClearBG2 Slytherin


Eoforhild Urquart (b.8 February, 1960) was a pure-blood witch which attended Hogwarts from 1971 to 1978 and was sorted into Slytherin house. 

After graduating from Hogwarts she proceeded to live with her family and wait out the war, eventually she travelled to Italy where she conceived her daughter, Ediline. She has helped set up an orphanage for the children whose families were killed during the First Wizarding War. In 1998 she was seen arriving as part of the reinforcement group brought by Professor Slughorn and fought alongside her previous dorm mates, Hilda and Athene.


Early Life

Hogwarts Life

First Year (1971-1972)

Second Year (1972-1973)

Third Year (1973-1974)

Fourth Year (1974-1975)

Fifth Year (1975-1976)

Sixth Year (1976-1977)

Seventh Year (1977-1978)

First Wizarding War

Physical Description

Personality and Traits

Eoforhild initially comes across as snobbish, hence the nickname "Princess" bestowed upon her by Athene. However, in truth

Magical Abilities and Skills

  • Eoforhild was particularly skilled when dealing with magical creatures which came as a shock initially to the people who knew her. She was able to approach a hippogriff on the first go and had no problem with even the more dangerous creatures. 
    Fox Patronum

    Eoforhild's fox patronum

  • She was also rather good at DADA, receiving high grades and praise from her teachers while at Hogwarts. She was talented enough to even cast a fully corporeal Patronus charm which took on the appearance of a fox. Athene described her as being "quick with her wand" referring to the excellent reflexes Eoforhild had.  


  • 9½" Acacia: Eoforhild purchased this wand in 1971 from Ollivander's shop before going to Hogwarts.
  • Rubens


    Rubens: Eoforhild arrived at Hogwarts in 1973 with a red Somali cat. She was extremely attached to him and he to her. Rubens had a tendency to follow Eoforhild around the castle, even for lessons, much to the displeasure of several professors, though they have learned to ignore it. He did not like to bee cooped inside and would dash out of the Slytherin dorm rooms constantly. He was very playful and affectionate and demanded a lot of attention from Eoforhild least he bother other students (Not that she seemed to mind this fact).


  • 'Eoforhild' is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning "wild boar battle maiden," from Old English eofor "boar" and hild "battle."
  • Although not spelled the same, it is possible this last name is a reference to another Scottish clan - Clan Urquhart. This is a Highland clan, and if there is in fact a link, this name would include a reference to both the Scottish Highlands and the Scottish Lowlands. It is also of interest that Urquhart Castle is on the banks of Loch Ness, home of a kelpie known as the Loch Ness Monster.


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