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Carina Ravenswood
Biographical information

8 November 1996

Blood status


Physical information






Hair colour


Eye colour

Royal purple

Skin colour

Snow white

Family information
Family members
  • Hugo Morgan (Father) †
  • Cordelia Morgan (née Hastings) (Mother) †
  • Amélie Morgan (née DeVall) (Stepmother)
  • Charles DeVall (Stepbrother)
  • Alexander Morgan (Uncle)
  • Aryanna Morgan (née Selwyn) (Aunt)
  • James Morgan (Cousin)
  • Vera Morgan (Cousin)
Magical characteristics

herself old and still in rags

  • 9¾", Hazel, dragon heartstring



maid at the Malfoy manor


Slytherin ClearBG2 Slytherin

  • Draco

Carina Ravenswood (b.8th November, 1996) is a Half-blood witch and current maid of the Malfoy manor. She attended Beauxbatons from 2007-2010, before transferring to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the middle of 2010, where she stayed until she graduated in 2013. Upon graduating from Hogwarts, Carina lived as a socialite, until the death of her father in 2016. After discovering he'd left everything to her stepmother, she was left with nothing and was forced to work as a slave in her own home, until she'd left in 2020, and shortly afterwards, started working at the Malfoy manor as a maid.


Early Life

Carina was born in 1996, in Britain, to renowned broomstick designer Hugo Morgan, a pureblood wizard and his mudblood wife Cordelia (so her real last name would be Morgan, I will reveal what her real name is later on in my fanfic and you will see why she goes under a different name). In 1997, Cordelia was murdered by a Death Eater, and Hugo moved the family from Britain to France soon after.

Carina grew up in wizard France, which was 420 times better than Muggle France. While Muggle France had become a new Caliphate, wizard France was still French. When she was 10, Hugo got remarried to Amélie DeVall, a witch from a pureblood family who'd fallen on hard times and were now as poor as Weasleys. Amélie had a son of her own, Charles, who was 12 at the time. When she turned 11, she started attending Beauxbatons, the all-girls French wizarding academy.

In 2010, the Morgans moved back to Britain, meaning both stepsiblings had to change schools.

Hogwarts Years (2010-2013) 

Carina was sorted soon after she arrived in the headmistress McGonagall's office. She was sorted to Slytherin, and McGonagall called for a Slytherin prefect to show her around the school. The prefect on hand at the time was Claire Farley, cousin to Gemma Farley. The two got along immediately from the start, and Carina was soon introduced to Claire's friend Alyssa St. George (who was like Hermione only prettier and less neurotic about rule breaking), she eventually became friends with Carina as well.

Carina also found a rival in Rosamond Brown, a Gryffindor student who was a distant cousin to Lavender Brown. The two wrestled for the postion of queen bee of the school.

Later Life (2013-2016)

After graduating, Carina lived comfortably as a socialite, until 2016, when she'd found out that Hugo died from a heart attack and that he'd left everything to Amélie in his will. After the funeral, Amélie showed her true colours as a golddigging whore. Amélie forced her to work for her keep, and she had to do everything without magic, like a filthy Muggle, so Amélie could humiliate her even further. Amélie forced her to cut off contact with everyone that wasn't her, she'd even killed Carina's owl and forced her to live in the attic without a fireplace to contact anyone. Those were some miserable years.

The Charles Incident

Carina met Charles one day while she was out running a few errands for Amélie. Charles had already moved out by the time Amélie started treating Carina like her own personal house elf, so she'd always assumed Charles was innocent. That encounter turned into a relationship, but it turned out Charles did know. He turned her in to Amélie, who was furious. Carina escaped her wrath to Charles' place, but he revealed he planned thele who thing, and then he tried to rape her (Amélie knew she'd go to him, and she told him via fireplace to rape her to break her down even further), but Carina got away, and was she forced to return to her home turned prison.

It worked, Carina was broken, but not as well as Amélie wanted. One day, while she was out running another errand for Améliem, she snapped on the inside, and on an impulse, and she ran away and took on a new identity; she gave herself a new name—Carina Ravenswood, so Amélie and Charles couldn't find her, and she dyed her hair and changed her eye colour, so no one could recognise her.

Post Cursed Child (2020-)

"Carina" is currently staying at the Leaky Cauldron, and she's got a brand new job, as the new maid of the Malfoy manor.

Physical Description

Carina is an extremely beautiful young woman, with a slender build and hourglass body that many would kill for. Then there's her flawless ivory skin, button nose, high cheekbones and full rose lips. Her natural hair colour's a light caramel brown, same with her eyes, with these days, she's dyed her hair black, and she'd gotten an Iris Re-Colour Spell casted on her eyes, forever changing them to a light purple colour. She still wears her hair the same way she did before: wavy with a side part and it's still down to her chest.

She tries to look her best, especially with her new job, since she wants to make a good impression on her boss, Draco.

Personality and Traits

She was so young when the wizarding war against Voldemort happened, she doesn't have any strong feelings about it. She's lived an easy life, and she might come across as shallow, superficial, self-centred, but once you scratch the surface and get to know her, she ain't so bad. Carina has a bitchy side she shows to people she thinks hasn't shown her the proper respect. But to those who are friendly or neutral towards her, she's much nicer, and may even come across as humble and down-to-earth for someone of her upbringing. Before Hugo's death, she was rather naïve because she was living such a sheltered, privileged life, but after her suffering at the hands of Amélie, she's become more cold and cynical. She adopted an icy demeanour, and became much more quiet and withdrawn due to Amélie forcing her to cut out anyone she could've turned to. She became a shell of her former self after Amélie and Charles teamed up against her, but after running away, and getting a job to start over, she's gotten better.

Magical abilities and skills


  • Hazel wand: 9.75 inches with a dragon heartstring, slightly springy. She'd bought it in France in preparation for her first year at Beaubatons, she's been using it ever since.
  • Midnight: a purely black melanistic snowy owl. Carina got him before her first year at Beauxbatons, he was an incredibly rare kind of owl, due to his genetic condition of melanism. Unlike most snowy owls, who stuck out at night, her owl could blend in perfectly into the dark. He served her well. Amélie used Avada Kedevra on him and killed him (and she got away with it because it's only illegal to use it on humans) when she was trying to make sure Carina couldn't contact anyone. 



Hugo Morgan

She used to have a decent relationship with him, but when he died all of a sudden and left everything to Amélie she was shocked. Overtime, as Amélie kept using her as her own personal house elf, Carina started to resent her father, for not giving her a penny. She stopped visiting his grave, and her resentment eventually grew so strong that she buried all her happy memories of him, nowadays, she doesn't like him at all.

Amélie Morgan

Carina hates Amélie's guts and the feeling's mutual. Amélie became the stepmother of your nightmares the moment she was read Hugo's will. On the surface Amélie was beautiful, charming, caring and an all around loving mother, but behind closed doors, she was the exact opposite. She was controlling, demanding, demeaning, manipulative, narcissistic basically your evil, sadistic helicopter parent turned up to eleven. She forced Carina to be her own personal slave, and at first she made Carina do everything without magic like a disgusting Muggle, simply to humiliate her. Not only did she force Carina to cut off contact with her friends from Hogwarts, she could also twist the story so even in the situation that Carina breathed a word of her suffering to anyone else, she'd sound like a spoiled brat complaining about a few chores. There's no words for how much Carina despises Amélie, if she could, she'd subject Amélie to a fate worse than getting a Dementor's kiss.

Charles DeVall

She got along all right with Charles. He attended Hogwarts with her (and he was also in Slytherin) when the family moved back to Britain. As they got older, they realised how attractive the other one was, but neither of them acted on it. By the time Amélie turned Carina into her own personal house elf, Charles already moved out. When they saw each other again, they gave in and started a relationship, and Carina always thought he was innocent, but it turns out he was in on everything. Charles planned the whole thing out, and he told Amélie, who knew Carina would go to him after she blew up at her, so she sent Charles a fireplace message (like Sirius in Order of the Phoenix), and she instructed him to rape her to humiliate and degrade her even further for her own amusement, and so she'd be easier to control once she was completely broken. Carina managed to get away, but she never saw Charles the same way again. She started to hate him too, maybe even more than Amélie, due to the betrayal.


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  • Her true surname, Morgan is a real last name, and it's a reference to Morgan LeFay of Arthurian legend. The Morgan side of her family follow a certain theme when it comes to their first names, they're all named after certain brands. Hugo's a reference to Hugo Boss, Alexander (her uncle, read the infobox)'s a reference to Alexander McQueen, James (her cousin, go back to the infobox) is a variation of Jimmy, and he's named for the brand Jimmy Choo, and Vera (her other cousin, again, infobox)'s a reference to Vera Wang.