Will and fleur's wedding

The dress she wore for Fleur and Bill's wedding

Ayla Meroupe Winters is a slytherin student who attended Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, she was in the year of the famous Harry Potter. She was really good friends with Naomi Kingsley and Draco Malfoy. Though she wasn't part of the group. She spent hanging with Pansy and her cronies. Sometimes she is seen to be in the slytherin common room talking with Naomi. You see, Naomi, her friend, has a crush on the bad boy. And Ayla doesn't, she has a crush on a ravenclaw student. His name is Michael Corner, she pictures a future with the witty boy. But she doesn't think so because their houses are too different. But after her years at hogwarts she eventually marries Ernest Macmillan, a H

Yule ball

The dress she wore for the yule ball

ufflepuff with attitude. They both had two kids named Caroline Macmillan and Varian Macmillan. Named after her father Varian Winters.

19 years later-

She eventually became a professor at hogwarts. She taught the care for magical creatures because that was her favorite subject when she was doing her years at hogwarts. She eventually met Harry Potter. She thought of him as courageous and attention- seeking. Wasn't very fond of him with their first encounter. He came to hogwarts to check on his son Albus. He was only a 1st year when she taught the class. A couple days later she was introduced to Nilda Malfoy, daughter of Naomi and Draco. He remarried when Astoria got ill from the blood borne curse.