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Athene Medora Crowley
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12 January 1959

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Married (as of 1980)

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Dark Brown

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Little Owl (unregistered)

  • 14½", Cedar, dragon heartstring (Formerly)

Little Owl


Mediwitch at St Mungo's Hospital


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Athene Medora Black (née Crowley) (b.12th January, 1959) is a Half-blood witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1970-1977, where she was a prefect and later head-girl. She married Regulus Black sometime in 1979 and is the mother of Asteria, Astra and Astyanax Black.
Upon graduating from Hogwarts, Athene took an apprenticeship at St. Mungo's where she became a healer specialising in the treatment of wounds inflicted by Dark Magic. During the first wizarding war she was instrumental in the defeat of Voldemort and his Death Eaters.


Early Life

Athene and her twin brother, Hector Crowley, were born in 1959, in Whitechapel, East-London, to a squib mother and muggle father. During her childhood, Athene displayed a large episode of accidental magic before a multitude of muggles which resulted in the obliviator department needing to take action. This resulted in her mother, Zephrine revealing her family history. This permitted their maternal grandparents to finally introduce Athene and her brother to the wizarding world. The Alschers, wishing to give Athene a proper wizarding upbringing, oversaw her initial education. It was while at the Alscher English manor that she discovered she was a parselmouth, having been caught by her great-grandfather speaking to a garden snake. This prompted her to learn more about this gift and try to become conscious of when she used it and to that resulted in her spending ample time in the manor's library, where Brenna Gaunt's portrait was located.

First Wizarding War (1978-1981)

Later Life

Physical Description

Athene schoo by gabirushis
Athene Crowley is a tall, slender woman with long, dark brown hair, often kept in a ponytail or braid and brown eyes.  She is "somewhat" shorter than Severus, with a faint dusting of freckles over the bridge of her nose and thin lips.

Athene preferred wearing patterned clothing in dark colors with a fondness for long dresses but would often be seen wearing muggle clothing such as jeans and long-sleeved shirts for better mobility, especially during the war.  While in her animagus form she appears as a little owl with mottled brown feathers and large yellow eyes.

Personality and Traits

Athene typically appears like a pleasant person, found to be very friendly and often seen helping younger students while at Hogwarts regardless of their House, a fact which aided in her selection as both Prefect and Head Girl. She was shown to have a strong dislike towards bullies, often seen angrily berating students who she caught picking on others, resulting in several conflicts between herself, Sirius and James while they were at Hogwarts, particularly when the two picked on Severus. Though she was seen reprimanding even those from her house if caught doing similar things.

As a child she was shy and reclusive, rarely interacting with other children her age. As a result she was an easy target and often endured teasing from other children when her brother or cousin were not there to defend her. However, this began taking a turn after she was humiliated at the Greengrass party she attended and realised that the only way she would be respected in the magical community would be by making people respect her. This triggered her desire to become the best witch of her time which ultimately saw her sorted into Slytherin house.

By the time she joined Hogwarts she had grown out of her shyness quite a bit, allowing her to interact more confidently with other students and staff. She also believed that as a descendant of Slytherin herself it was her duty to ensure she did not smear his legacy, hence why she strived to receive top marks in all of her subjects. This was also the reason why she fought against her fear and entered the chamber of secrets to check on its state. This courage grew as the years progressed and she became more and more confident in her abilities. Her habit of befriending creatures did not stop at the basilisk as she went inside the forbidden forest often enough to befriend a centaur, Banes.

Extremely loyal towards her friends and family she refused to divulge Regulus' location even after experiencing torture for several days. While at Hogwarts she displayed incredible loyalty towards her friend Remus, who was looking to face Azkaban after her family learn of his condition and the danger it put Athene in. She revealed to not only know of his condition for a long time but admitted to brewing wolfsbane unsupervised and procuring ingredients through various means.

Magical abilities and skills 

"Give it a break Sirius, you know she's top at defence."
Remus warning Sirius about duelling Athene
  • Dark Arts: Athene was eager to learn about the Dark Arts from an early age, going so far as to sneak into the restricted section on numerous occasions before receiving a permission slip from Professor Slughorn as well as spending hours in the chamber of secrets, going through the books left behind by Salazar and practicing her spells there. She was highly proficient at all levels of Dark Magic and in particularly with the use of Fiendfyre. She was even shown using the Imperius Curse on the Black family's house-elf to get him to disobey Regulus' orders. Athene was able to flawlessly perform several curses and jinxes, including the: Expulso Curse, Sectumsempra, Tongue-Tying Curse, Dancing Feet Spell, Impediment Jinx, Levicorpus and Cascading Jinx. Athene believed that in order to fight those who use Dark Magic you yourself needed to know it and argued it was the reason she was so good at reversing the effects of certain spells of this nature, even if there was no previous method to do so. She was also able to remove the fragments of Voldemort's soul from objects and relocate them, something Dumbledore admitted he wouldn't be able to do, demonstrating an intimate knowledge of the dark arts.
  • Healing Magic: Athene was a renowned healer, known for creating several spells which are able to undo the permanent damage done by Dark Magic and even healing people on the brink of death. 
  • Pain tolerance and healing: Athene was thought to have an extremely high pain tolerance level as it was often discovered that she would practice the new spells she came up with on herself, casting whatever spell her own was meant to combat and repeatedly trying to heal whatever injury was produced. She was also able to keep on running from the basilisk even after it injured and poisoned her, despite the massive amount of pain the poison was causing as it travelled through her body. When Athene pushed Severus out of the path of a transformed Remus, she was injured by his claws but was still able to hold off the werewolf from inflicting extra damage or biting her till Dumbledore arrived to rescue her. Athene also displayed a certain level of resistance towards the Cruciatus Curse, having endured it on several occasions at both Bellatrix and Voldemort's hands. The later using it as an incentive when learning while the later using it as a means to try and get information on Regulus' hereabouts. It was pointed out by Madame Pomfrey that she recovered exceptionally fast, despite the fact that thanks to Healing Magic, wizards and witches recover from most injuries much faster than their Muggle counterparts. 
  • Animagus: Athene was able to become an animagus at the young age of sixteen, assuming the shape of a barred owl.
  • Parselmouth: As a descendant of Salazar Slytherin Athene has inherited the ability to speak with snakes from a young age.
  • Occlumency: Because of the information Athene possessed and would undoubtedly learn, she made efforts from her second year at Hogwarts to learn how to shield her mind, employing Severus and her grandfather's help. She was good enough to defend her mind against the like of Voldemort even after experiencing hours of torturing, a testament to her talent in the field and resolve. 
  • Duelist: Athene was a highly accomplished duelist, having fought single-handedly against numerous Death Eaters in the past and survived, including Voldemort. During the battle at the Department of Misteries  in 1996, she was one of the only members to come out of the fight unscratched alongside Dumbledore, Remus and Harry. While at Hogwarts she held the title of top duelist of her year and was often faced duelling Sirius and James. She was quick to draw her wand, with fast reflexes and an aggressive style of duelling, using spells that were known to cause permanent damage and even casting Fiendfyre as a form of defence, controlling the flames and sending them towards her enemies especially when forced to duel more than one person. She often forced her opponents to go on the defence or risk their lives as she approached them, able to deal with close combat as well. Asteria described her mother as being "absolutely frightening when fighting," while Sirius was heard using adjectives such as "breathtaking," when watching her fight, though that might have more to do with the feelings he harbored for her in during the last years at Hogwarts and the First Wizarding War, than how she might have actually looked or been perceived by others. Especially when people like Regulus and Remus seemed to agree more with Asteria's description of Athene than that of Sirius.
  • Transfigurations: Athene showed aptitude in transfiguration, receiving an O in her O.W.L and N.E.W.T, as well as perform human transfiguration, forcefully reverting Peter back to his human. However, she was not always good at the subject, finding it rather hard to visualise the change of an object, an important step in Transfiguration and often complaining to her friends that it was too difficult. Till her fourth year, Transfigurations was her weakest subject.
  • Potioneer: While not on the same level as her good friend Severus, Athene proved adept enough at potions to receive praise from Slughorn and an O in her O.W.L and N.E.W.T. She was seen brewing incredibly difficult potions, both for healing and personal purposes such as the Wolfsbane potion which she started brewing the summer before her sixth year and would give to Remus before every full moon. She was also seen brewing healing potions for Madam Pomfrey, suggesting she was good enough to be trusted with creating such delicate potions.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts:  Athene was noted as being the first in her year for this subject, although this was mainly heard from Remus who was equally gifted in the subjects and might have been too modest to claim said spot. This often resulted in the two competing against each other. Athene was even able to cast a corporeal Patronus  by her fourth year and mastered several defensive spells including the Shield charm, Full Body-Bind curse and Disarming charm.
  • Non-verbal and wandless magic: Athene seems particularly proficient at both non-verbal and wandless magic, even during stressful situations such as duels, having been witnessed to use Accio without a wand and be able to do simple household chores by just waving her hands. This could be attested to her starting her training from a young age.
  • Charms: She achieved an O at N.E.W.T level which suggests that she is rather talented at charms. Having mastered a variety of them over the years.


  • Enchanted Box: Athene kept the Horcruxes she discovered in a wooden box which was spelled to open only when she has placed a drop of her blood on the lock.
  • Cedar wand: She purchased a 4½" wand, with a dragon heartstring from Ollivander's before departing for Hogwarts. It is unknown what happened to it after her capture; presumably, it was destroyed.
  • Nix


     Athene received a black Siberian cat in 1971 from her grandparents. Nix was a very affectionate cat who was particularly fond of Athene and Eoforhild but surprisingly did not like Hector, whom he would often scratch or bite if approached. He was known to love snow and would spend more time outside during winter than any other time of the year. It died in 1988 at 17, and sired a litter of "orange devils"  in 1985.



Regulus Arcturus Black


  • The name "Athene"  is a variation of the name Athena, the Greek Goddess of war and wisdom. She was described as being the shrewd companion of Heroes and the patron Goddess of Heroic endeavour. Her Roman counterpart was Minerva, also worshipped as a Goddess of wisdom. The name "Medora" is of greek origins and means ruler.
  • Her surname Crowley derives from the English Crowley meaning "wood of crows". The Irish "O Cruadhlaoich" or "Ua Cruadhlaoich", a Gaelic name meaning "descendant of the hard hero" or "descendant of the hardy warrior", was anglicised to "Crowley" or "O'Crowley"


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