{{Hufflepuff infobox} |name= Aoife Meliflua |died= 2 May, 1998 |blood= Half-Blood |species= Wizard/Elf |gender= Female |height= 5’3 |hair= Red |eyes= Dark Brown |skin= Caramel |family= father-Kreacher mother-Araminta Meliflua |boggart= Goblin |patronus= Badger |house= Hufflepuff |loyalty= Black Family }}

Early Life

Aoife was born in England to Araminta Meliflua and Kreacher the house elf


Aoife spent most of her time in detention. She was loyal to her friends even if it meant covering for them and getting detention. She had a romantic relationship with Fred Weasley. She was killed in the Battle of Hogwarts by Bellatrix Lestrange.